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Nanopower has been granted NOK 6 million in research funding for innovative IC technology

The company was recently granted NOK 6 million in research funding from the Research Council of Norway for a project together with the University of South-Eastern Norway.

Nanopower is a GreenTech organization, which technology is intended to mitigate the effects of human impact on the environment. In the scheme -Enabling Technologies- we have the ideal funding partner, the Norwegian government. 

- Norway will go through a green shift and major restructuring. To succeed, we need research and innovation in business. The awards testify that there are many good applicants. I am impressed that there are so many Norwegian companies that think new ideas and develop smart solutions. Says Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre. The Green Shift - Innovation Projects

Technology enabling limitless IoT deployment 

This project will lead to technology that enables systems to be energized solely by small batteries or ambient power harvesting. Resulting in a low power IC chip that will have a significant impact on the world of IoT.

- Today's IoT solutions have a major challenge that prevents mass deployment. The wireless battery-powered sensors run out of power too fast. It´s manageable with a few devices, but not when thousands are installed. By multiplying battery life and enabling power harvesting, the solutions become highly scalable, explains Nanopower CEO Tore Irgens Kuhnle.

- With this new technology the end customer will have, in addition to scalability, low operating costs and reduced environmental impact. We look forward to the collaboration with Lars-Cyril Blystad and USN, says COO André Grytbakk

Project partners  


A semiconductor company using its proprietary nPZero technology to achieve a world leading advanced power management hub for any battery powered device. The company will be participating with a team of experienced IC designers. 



Innovation Center microsystems, nanotechnology and electronics, and the Department of Microsystems (IMS), has extensive expertise within nano- and microsystem technology, micro sensor, and micro energy harvesting from ambient sources. 

USN Press Release


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