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Nanopower AS is a Norwegian company with headquarters in Kristiansand, Norway, and research, development and production department in Porto, Portugal.

Nanopower's core technology is power management for IoT (Internet of Things) wireless devices.
Nanopower is a world leader in this area, and the technology will make a big difference for IoT development in the future.

The products offered by Nanopower benefit from the patent-pending nP-Zero technology. This technology makes it possible to use small batteries, small footprint, light weight combined with superior data quality.

Image of nPZero SENTINEL Goods

nPZero SENTINEL Goods Our nPZero SENTINEL Goods is our smallest sensor, equipped for monitoring every eventuality and suitable...

Image of nPZero SENTINEL Air & Ambient

nPZero SENTINEL Air & Ambient Our nPZero SENTINEL Air & Ambient is our designed to measure your surroundings and air...

Image of nPZero SENTINEL Total

nPZero SENTINEL Total Our nPZero SENTINEL Total is our most versatile sensor, equipped for monitoring every eventuality and suitable for any...

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