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NPZero SENTINEL product launch

Nanopower, a frontrunner in low power IoT is releasing the nPZero SENTINEL product line

Nanopower is now offering our revolutionizing low power technology in a range of small, long-life IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The nPZero SENTINEL product series consists of three products: 
Total, Air & Ambient, and Goods, perfectly suited for demanding applications.

safSmallest size with wings

"SENTINEL BLE sensors with next-to-zero power consumption"

Now the nPZero technology is available in a complete, off-the-shelf solution. All have Nordic Semiconductor BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), high-quality sensors, and a cool design.

nPZero SENTINEL Total is our most versatile device. The ultimate sensor to safeguard any critical equipment, and a flexible tool for demanding IoT applications. It includes sensors for temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, VOC/CO/Air Quality Index, and a 9-axis accelerometer.

nPZero SENTINEL Air & Ambient is an indoor Air Quality Sensor and complete with sensors that monitor the air we are surrounded by. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our friends and family at home, colleagues at work, children at school, and patients at hospitals. It has sensors for temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and VOC/CO/Air Quality Index.

nPZero SENTINEL Goods is designed in collaboration with our logistic partner, to support goods condition monitoring and asset tracking during transport and storage. Through continuously monitoring impact/shock and temperature, it ensures quality and safety are safeguarded throughout the logistics chain. Not a single temperature deviation or impact will be missed. It includes sensors for temperature and a 3-axis accelerometer.


Nanopower technology offers up to 99% reduction in power consumption. This is revolutionizing battery longevity of wireless devices, and is redefining what is possible in IoT


"When other systems sleep, nPZero SENTINELS are on full alert"

Nanopower devices operate in the nanoampere range while traditionally IoT systems have power consumptions a thousand times higher! This means that all SENTINEL devices will deliver extreme battery life. The other massive advantage is continuous monitoring capabilities, a necessity to be able to detect and react in real-time. For small IoT systems with long battery life, this is blowing the competition out of the water.

IoT devices for demanding applications

nPZero SENTINEL products  are perfectly suited for industrial applications. With the combination of nPZero technology, Nordic Semiconductor’s BLE chip for efficient and secure wireless communication, and the best sensors available, we have in our opinion developed a unique line of devices for the IoT market

Goods condition monitoring

We are seeing a rising demand for monitoring in transport and logistics, i.e., tracking how goods have been handled between destinations, with or without wireless coverage. Depending on needs, nPZero SENTINEL can address both use cases that need real-time data, and offline tracking around the world. Data will be stored in the unit until it reaches a friendly communication carrier

Indoor environment and air quality monitoring

Smart buildings promise to both lower energy use and increase the wellbeing of occupants. nPZero SENTINEL offers the possibility of simple ways to both collect data and integrate with control systems for HVAC etc. Our products are made with professional use in mind, e.g., hospitals, schools, and office buildings, but are equally suitable for domestic use. With small wireless sensors, the installation is quick, while the battery life ensures low operating costs. This will make the lineup attractive for both new builds and retrofits.


Get started quickly with the Nanopower mobile app

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nPZero SENTINEL devices can be run straight out of the box with the Nanopower mobile app for Android and iOS, enabling both test use and permanent use without any hassle. 
We currently offer support for integration in larger applications. The nPZero SENTINEL product range will grow with perfectly tuned gateways and other products.


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